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Orders, Shipping, & Tracking

  • Why is my order still on route?

    During this uncertain time, the process of shipment takes longer than usual. We are doing our best to ship out every order as soon as possible. If your shipment notification shows that your package is still on route or in transit, it may take some more time. We thank you for your patience and sincerely express our apology to you for any inconvenience this has caused. Please bear with us for any shipping delays at this point of Coronavirus time.

  • What happens if my package hasn’t been delivered?

    Please contact us via We will start an investigation on the case. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for us to find out. While waiting for the response from our team, we highly recommend you to contact the courier directly to ask for more details of the delivery. If the courier could not find your package, please update us with that information. Our team will follow up and provide any updates throughout the process.

  • Why didn’t I receive order confirmation?

    The order confirmation email, which is autogenerated when our system confirms the order, was returned on the grounds of some unknown errors. Please let us know of your current situation. Should this happen, please contact us at It would be much appreciated if you can provide us with your full name when we check the order status accordingly.

Return Policy

  • We accept exchanges and refunds on all our products within 30-days of purchase.

  • We only ask that the following requirements are met:

    • Item/s must be in original condition.
    • Item/s must not have been cracked, broken or altered in any way upon arrival at our facility. AstroReality will not be responsible for any damage during the transit of the return. AstroReality reserve the right to reduce the refund amount for the damages.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns that do not meet above requirements.
    Refund will only be issued excluding the original shipping and return label cost.

  • The shipping cost incurred for items and for returning to AstroReality in order to have an refund will not be covered nor be reimbursed.

  • AstroReality will not issue a refund for products which are not released due to the non-payment of duties, taxes, custom fees, and etc. to the country of the buyer’s location.

  • For a refund, the full set must be returned (inside and out). We cannot issue refunds for a partial return.


  • How to stabilize AR experience?

    Make sure to SLOWLY and STEADILY turn the model (and AR beacon if you have a Regular or Mini model) during your AR experience. Do not block the model or AR makers with your hands. The best distance is about 8 inches (20 cm) from your device to the model.

  • What if I lost my QR code?

    Once the product is added, the model ID # will appear on the product section. Please email your model ID # to, we will reply you with a digital QR code.
    Find QR Code
    If you lose the user manual before adding the QR code in the app. Please email the photos of your model in different angles to There might be a chance to recover your unique QR code. If we fail to recover your QR code, you will need to send in your model for a replacement. Please note that a shipping fee may be applied.

  • How to properly place the LUNAR Pro?

    Place the LUNAR Pro on the glass stand that comes with the product. Have the contrast side of the LUNAR facing the camera as showing in the photo.
    Place LUNAR Pro

  • How to properly position AstroReality’s products?

    Place LUNAR Pro

    LUNAR Pro

    Place LUNAR Regular

    LUNAR Regular

    Place LUNAR Mini

    LUNAR Mini

    Place Solar System Mini

    Solar System Mini - Earth

  • How to pair the app with the model when connection is lost?

    When connection is lost, turn the physical model back to the area with color contrast for recognition. Make sure to slowly move around and do not block the model with your hands.

  • How to recognize Pro model when holding it in your hand?

    Keep some distance from the side of the model. Make sure the model is fully exposed to the camera. Slowly move around the device/model and make sure do not block the area you are scanning.

  • When will the sold-out Zodiac Notebook be restocked?

    Thank you so much for your interest in our Zodiac Notebook. It might take about 1 month to have the Zodiac Notebook fully restocked on our website. We will let you know through email newsletter once we have the stock available.

  • Do you have the base for mini models?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the base for our mini planets. The box along with the graphic marker is the base. This is because you need to put the mini planets on the graphic marker in order to experience AR.

  • Can AstroReality Product be shipped to our country?

    Please let us know your destination city and country as well as the item you want by contacting us at Please allow up to 24-48 hours for us to confirm with our team. Once we arranged the shipment for you, the estimated delivery time depends on the actual shipping process.

  • Please note that customs fees may be applied when shipped internationally. You as the customer will be responsible to pay these fees.

Shipping Policy

  • Can I have international orders from AstroReality?

    No. Due to COVID-19, we stopped international shipping for consumers. We will revisit it when global situation improves. For volume international orders, please contact Customer Service.

  • How many days should I expect to receive my items?

    For regular products, please find the suggested business days for delivering to your country below. Please kindly notice that it is the estimated delivery day for non-holiday delivery. All rights reserved by AstroReality.

    United States: 5 - 7 business day

    United Kingdom: N/A

    Canada: N/A

    Australia: N/A

    Switzerland: N/A

    Japan: N/A

    Germany: N/A

    Spain: N/A

    Hong Kong: N/A

    UAE: N/A

    France: N/A

    Netherland: N/A

  • How many days should I expect to receive my pre-order items?

    For pre-order products, you can expect delivery in 30 days.

Customs & Import Fees

  • If you are located in countries outside of the U.S., please note that customs fees may be charged upon the package arriving the destination country.

  • You as the customer, will be responsible for all import duties and customs fees levied by the country you reside in. Please pay for these fees in order to release your package from customs.

  • The total amount of your order as displayed on the checkout page does not include customs and import fees. The carrier will inform you of any additional duties if required.

  • Please understand that AstroReality has no control over customs and import tax and we do not know exactly how much you will be charged as customs and import tax varies depending on the destination country.

  • Please note that if you refuse to pay for the customs and import tax, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs, which will be deducted from your refund. If your return shipping costs exceed your order amount, you will not receive a refund.

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