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Explore the spectacular wonders of Earth

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Augmented Reality

To explore, just open the app and point your camera at your
3D-printed model for a deeply immersive experience.

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An adventure around the world

Explore our planet throughout time and space like never before with our EARTH model and our custom EARTH app to see
changes throughout history, migrational movements of animals, current climate patterns, and more.

Learn about the creatures that have roamed Earth through two modes: ‘Featured Animals’, our curated selection of rare and uncommon species, and ‘Mammals’, which show geographic location and historical timeline of animals on our planet.

Discover the flowering plants, conifers, ferns, hornworts, liverworts, mosses, and other species of the plant kingdom and where they grow and thrive across our Earth. Browse through the ‘Featured Plant’ and ‘Common Plants’ modes.

Take a deeper look at how our Earth is structured, earthquake records and how quakes can assist in geological research. The EARTH app will teach you how we use these disruptions to learn about the depths of subducting plates, their relation to island arc volcanoes, and more.

Air pollution is caused by solid and liquid particles less than 2.5 microns in size. It is produced naturally by fires, volcanoes and dust storms and through human sources like factories, vehicles, and power plants. High concentrations of air pollution have dangerous consequences for human health, as well as are inhibiting to our environment.

When humans first ventured out of Africa around 60,000 years ago, they left genetic footprints still visible today. Go back in time and see when where ancient humans migrated around the world, and marvel at how far they’ve explored.

Satellites can show us live meteorological patterns of cloud density and infrared imaging to illustrate temperature and height; warmest (lowest) clouds are shown in white; coldest (highest) clouds are displayed in shades of yellow, red, and purple.

Intricate Details

We use polyresin density, 3D-printing, and precise paint pigment ratios to
bring surface details of our EARTH oceans, mountains, and lands to life.

Printing level height down
to 0.05 millimeters

Up to 0.006 millimeters
per pixel precision
printing accuracy

Printing error precision
of 0.025 millimeters

98%+ modeling accuracy
achieved through unique
PU Resin


EARTH is made with eco-friendly paint and a sustainable
production process. We use the finest and latest 3D
printing technology, with a precision of 0.025 millimeters
and a printing resolution of 4000 DPI. Each unit is
finished with an expert, hand-painted layer to bring
the lush details of our Earth to life.


We're passionate about our planet—it’s the only home we have.
Unfortunately, Earth is going through irreversible changes
that are forever changing our world as we know it—from global
warming and glacial recession, to the extinction of its
animals and wildlife. Arm yourself with knowledge to
help preserve our planet.

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Available now,
ship worldwide within 30 days return

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