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At AstroReality we feel that our Augmented Reality technology can and already has provided STEM education in an all-new unique manner. With our tactile approach to improving learning retention for all students, we know that we can inspire students and encourage them to learn with every experience.

Who We Work With

As a member of NSTA, AstroReality has been working with educators, schools, and associations to bring the cutting edge technology to the classroom and bring the classroom to the future.

Trish Dower Trish Dower
Coordinator / Educator of Earth Ed
“We have run the 3rd Rock program three times this week, and it has been a great success! The students are highly engaged, and the learning is rich and self-directed, which was one of our goals.”
Joseph Michalski Joseph Michalski, Ph.D
Professor at The University of Hong Kong
“The high-resolution, 3D printed globes of the Earth, Moon and Mars are great to create for use in the AR environment.”
Jim Christensen Jim Christensen, Ph.D
Executive Director of ShareSpace Education, Aldrin Family Foundation
“The scale set is absolutely stunning! Jupiter is absolutely beautiful. We live in a beautiful solar system, the packaging is impressive. Second, the look and feeling of the globes are amazing. The augmented reality experience has just about insured that I will not get anything else done the rest of the day! I am truly impressed! I feel like a kid at Christmas.”
Learn with AstroReality

Learn with AstroReality

AstroReality’s Education solution is a technology bridge between tactile and digital experiences. We are constantly updating the information to better engage and inspire discovery of our planet and our solar system. The AstroReality solution is for 7th graders all the way up to the college level and beyond.

Hands-on Engagement

Holding a solid object in your hands engages the brain in a way that a digital experience will never be able to replicate.

Augmented Reality App

AstroReality is a technology company, we innovate, and we aim to pioneer and help educators utilize the new technology opportunities. With each of our applications, we integrate both Augmented Reality and tactile experiences, creating a one of a kind learning experiences.

Curriculum with AstroReality App

AstroReality’s STEM curriculum with a hands-on education platform combined with the power of Augmented Reality.

Explorer Experience and Expedition Mode

AstroReality in your classroom

Find the education solution for your classroom. Let us know your idea and we will reach out to you shortly.

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