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Explore A New Horizon

Far from our Sun is a world just recently revealed. Pluto welcomed us with its heart and wowed us
with its landscape as the New Horizons Spacecraft flew by in 2015.
You can now explore this world in your hands with the AstroReality PLUTO model.
PLUTO was created with ulta-precise 3D printing technology and
enhanced with an AR experience that can transform you into a planetary explorer!
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With AR, Pluto
Comes to Life

New Horizons took over ten years to reach Pluto.
With AstroReality PLUTO Classic, you can hold this
planet in the palm of your hand.

Pluto's surface has 13 officially named major landmarks,
including the Sputnik Planitia, the brightest point in
the "heart shape" region, the Tenzing Mountains and
the Hillary Montes, that reach up to 3,500 meters high!
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Full Color High-precision 3D Printing
Puts Pluto in Your Hands

We use 3D printing technology to transform real NASA data of Pluto,
recorded by the New Horizons Spacecraft, into a beautiful model that you can hold.
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Approaching Pluto

Pluto, less than one-fifth the diameter of the Earth and one-third the size of our Moon,
was discovered by astronomer Clyde William Tombaugh in 1930.
Pluto is far at the edge of the solar system, and little was known about this strange object that
was very different from the rest of the planets. New observations of our solar system
made it clear that Pluto was not the runt of our system,
but instead the king of a new class of icy worlds in the distant Kuiper Belt.
The New Horizons Spacecraft was the fastest mission ever launched
and still took nearly 10 years to reach this world. When it finally did in 2015,
it revealed a world of beauty and complexity beyond our imaginations.
This would is now yours to explore!
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Pluto Welcomed Us with its Heart

This 2000 kilometer wide plain known as Tombaugh Regio,
is covered by nitrogen ice and is one of the brightest regions on Pluto.
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