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NASA's 60th

There are many reasons why humanity needed to begin its venture towards exploring the final frontier. From its beginning in 1958, NASA has been the pioneer of voyaging to the unknown universe and unveiled the magnificent truth of cosmos constantly.

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The History of
Space Discovery

In the NASA AR Notebook timeline section, watch as history comes to life before your eyes. Starting from the launch of the National Aeronautics and Space Act in 1958 and ending with the Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2018, the most detailed NASA historical stories are ready for you to explore.

The Future of
Space Travel

Having an elevated perspective of our planet is essential to providing a heightened understanding of our reality and the opportunities that lie ahead. Utilizing the interactive capabilities of Augmented Reality, you can see our planet from an astronaut's view, and travel around space without leaving the Earth.

  • A Gift of Knowledge
    and Exploration

    NASA Series is of a new perspective of space. It is a great way of inspiring your friends, family, and loved ones with the courage and spirit of endless discoveries, from the past to the future.

    NASA Series NASA Series NASA Series
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    Further your learning after your visit to NASA Ames Research Center. Head to the NASA gift shop after your tour and experience AstroReality for yourself.