Augmented Reality

We used data from the science team behind NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance
Orbiter and other sources to create our captivating Augmented Reality app.
Learn more about the things you already know and those you don’t with
facts, trivia, and lunar stories. Specs >

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LUNAR model

Learn more about the Moon and explore it like never
before with the smallest LUNAR model available.
Despite its miniature size, the technology and
expert craftsmanship will bring the Moon to
life while you hold it in your fingertips. It’s
suitable for space lovers of all ages. Specs >

The app displays the virtual space scene integrating
the sun and the Earth in relative spatial position from
where you placed LUNAR Mini and shows the
galaxy as the background.

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The perfect set

The 3cm LUNAR Mini is the ideal match for the 3cm Solar System Mini.
Make it a set to get up close with the Moon and explore the solar system.


We make all LUNAR models by hand
including the LUNAR Mini.


Despite its size, every crater, sea, and dead volcano
on LUNAR Mini is expertly crafted. Specs >

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