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Product Catalog

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To change the world, you need help, which is why we are happy you are here, looking into working with us. Our vision is to help make learning a more personalized experience and give people the opportunity to get excited about space by holding it. We offer many various space models, ranging from our moon globe, LUNAR, and our earth model, EARTH, all the way to a full range solar system model, which we call Solar System Ultimate. All of these products are integrated with our free Augmented Reality app as an integral part of the experience, which is a cornerstone of our vision for the future of learning.

Customer’s Review

Danny Warlick

Facebook post facebook

“Just received mine yesterday. AMAZING. I love the heft of the model, not a hollow piece of junk but a solid piece of adventure, ready to explore. I never liked the way globes always felt like a ball with pictures glued to them. A moon or planet shouldn't feel like a ball. THIS feels like someone actually shrunk the moon and sat it on my table. Totally amazing!”

Red Turban

Amazon Reviewer amazon

“I gave this product a try after having a conversation recently, about how much I used to love astronomy as a child. Needless to say, I was floored by the realism and educational values of these AR items. So I bought the AR notebook, solar system, and the Regular moon augmented. This product is awesome for any connoisseur of the galaxy.”


iOS app review apple store

“The app is very user friendly! The product and the app are both very well design and it is easy to use! I bought the solar mini and looking to buy some other product in the future!”

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