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How to navigate AstroReality app on AstroReality product?

You may have the product settled on its base or AR marker. Use one hand to hold your device, another hand to rotate the product. We may also suggest to use a device holder for your device, but that will limit the browsing experience.

Sometimes it loses connection from the device to the product, what can I do?

It may lose connection between the devices and the product. Especially when there is less color contrast on the product surface. We suggest you turn the product to the recommended area on manual or an area that has more color contrast and start connecting again.

When zooming on the landmarks, the connection may easily be lost. What to do?

It will occur if one wants to navigate to zoom in for a particular landmark. It will be a great way to look closer at a crater or a basin. But the connection may easily be lost between the device and the product. Please regain the connection from the recommended area on manual or from an area that has more color contrast.

What is the best way to place AstroReality product?

We recommend you to place it in a particular way. Please refer to each manual to the product for the recommended placed position.

What’s the way to experience AstroReality app?

After launch AstroReality app. It may ask to connect to AstroReality product right away. Please choose the arrow on the left side of the bottom bar. Go back to the “Scan you product” page and choose the “scan” icon in the middle of the bottom bar. Aim to your product (either on a base or on an AR marker) from your device. We recommend to aim to the recommended area from the manual.

Start to explore the products. Clicking on the landmarks and browse the information and knowledge to learn, imagine and talk about it with your friends.

When exploring, there is a button in the middle of the bottom screen which shows various types of landmarks.

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