October 20, 2020
SpaceX Crew-1 mission.

NASA and SpaceX Update Target Launch Date for the Crew-1 Mission to Station

NASA and SpaceX now are targeting 2:40 a.m. EDT Saturday, Oct. 31, for the launch of the agency’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission with astronauts to the International […]
October 20, 2020
OSIRIS-REx spacecraft touches asteroid Bennu

NASA Johnson builds labs to study new asteroid samples, cosmic mysteries

When the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft touches asteroid Bennu, it will capture NASA’s first sample from an asteroid and provide rare specimens for research that scientists hope will […]
September 23, 2020

Private Antares Rocket & Cygnus Spacecraft Explained

  Virginia-based Orbital Sciences holds a $1.9 billion NASA contract to make eight unmanned supply runs to the International Space Station with its Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo […]
August 11, 2020
Perseids: Bright Meteor Shower in August

Perseids: Bright Meteor Shower in August

The Perseid meteor shower happens every August. The Earth plows into debris left behind from Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last passed close to Earth in 1992. The […]
August 8, 2020

How Can Parents Evoke Curiosity & Excitement About Space For Children?

Finding fun and engaging ways to learn about the stars, planets, and space can inspire a life-long interest in kids. Space has endless possibilities for kids […]
August 15, 2019
Image showing astronaut on a spacewalk

Astronaut Requirements, Do You Have What It Takes?

Normally, astronaut candidates are picked while they are in their 30s and 40s. Since this is typically a period when most people are deep in their […]
August 6, 2019
nasa meatball logo with apple product

NASA Challenges – How Did We Conquer Space?

As the old adage goes, “success begets success”. In the case of NASA, it’s safe to say that they’ve been able to build on their successes […]
July 30, 2019
Image showing a child with a UFO lurking

Space Desktop Backgrounds and Wallpapers for the Space Geek

There’s not much known about space. Sure, we have an inkling about what happens out there, what with our knowledge of how the planets move, wormholes, […]
May 23, 2019
Meteor impact in planet earth

Planet Earth Under Meteorite Impact Menace

Let’s imagine the following common Hollywood scenario. Some brilliant scientific, most likely unnoticed, discovers the presence of a humongous meteor. The space body is in direct […]