Space News

May 15, 2019
look at our blue planet from space

Top Space News – May 2019

Humankind has always been aspired to be more – to venture among the stars and to discover the origins of life. Let’s look upon the universe […]
April 12, 2019
first human space flight

Top Space News – April 2019

Humans have made great strides in spaceflight and space exploration in the relatively short amount of time. This April, we are also proud to witness unforgettable […]
April 10, 2019
black hole event horizon

Breaking News: First Black Hole Image by Event Horizon Telescope

April 10, 2019, using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), scientists obtained an image of the black hole at the center of galaxy M87. Humanity got its […]
March 15, 2019

Top Space News – March 2019

This March has witnessed iconic moments in history. Sync your calendar with our solar system, and let’s start our journey to take a look at the […]
February 16, 2019
Martian Rover Opportunity ended its Mars exploration mission

Goodbye Opportunity

On Feb 13, 2019, NASA mission engineers have decided that all further efforts to revive the Opportunity, the space agency’s most durable Mars rover, must come […]
February 15, 2019

Top Space News – February 2019

This February, there has been some fascinating discoveries and moments in history. Let’s start our journey to take a look at the space news! Space X’s […]
February 14, 2019

Discovery: The Bedin 1 Dwarf Galaxy

On February 4, 2019, the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a small and isolated dwarf galaxy just a meniscal 30 million light-years away from our own Milky […]
January 31, 2019

Top Space News – January 2019

The past year has witnessed tremendous advancements in humanity’s capability in space exploration, and 2019 promises to be no different. Let’s take a look at the […]