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MAY 13, 2019


May 13, 2019—Cupertino,

Humankind has always been aspired to be more - to venture among the stars and to discover the origins of life. NASA is not just the government body that has paved the way for making groundbreaking discoveries, but rather, is an international symbol for the pinnacle of human achievement.

AstroReality has designed and crafted NASA Series with the intent of honoring NASA’s iconic history and its 60th anniversary. We have placed the famous “worm” insignia on each product as a call back to the alluring history of the United States space program.

“We wanted to share and reflect with the world upon the iconic achievements of the NASA space program in a new way that is both entertaining and informative. And I'm pleased to say that we have achieved that with this NASA Series.”

-Joanne Dai, Co-founder of AstroReality


NASA's 60th Anniversary Series - NASA AR Notebook MSRP $29.99
Watch the video of NASA AR Notebook

NASA is an international symbol for the pinnacle of human achievement. The NASA AR Notebook highlights how the United States Space program became the way it is today, as well as an all-new solar system experience, and beautiful acid-free pages longing to be filled with notes and illustrations.

Augmented Reality Experience of NASA Notebook

The NASA AR Notebook has many features beyond the beautiful standard hardcover and premium binding. It is fully integrated with AstroReality’s exclusive AR software experience technology, with the first entire Solar System experience. Activate AR by pointing your device's camera to the front cover of the notebook, and watch as our solar system springs to life before your eyes.

Turn the page of the NASA AR Notebook to watch, interact, and learn about the history of NASA from its origin in 1958 till its 60th anniversary. Read about the grand history on the pages, or use the AstroReality Explorer App to watch its stories come to life.

The NASA AR Notebook is created with the highest quality criteria that a notebook can be held to. The binding allows being placed in a full 180 degrees flat on a surface, enabling great balance for writing, drawing, and note taking. The acid-free paper has the perfect thickness and texture, which gives excellent feedback when imprinting your space imagination.

“AstroReality’s NASA Notebook allows the greatest achievements of the agency’s first 60 years to inspire you as you write your story on the pages in-between.”

-Dr. J.R. Skok, Chief Science Officer


NASA's 60th Anniversary Series - NASA Space Mug MSRP $29.99

We believe that by experiencing an elevated perspective of the world leads to an elevated perspective of your reality. We are proud to announce the NASA Space Mug. Enjoy a cup of a new perspective for your daily morning ritual.

“The Space Mug is not only ground-breaking Augmented Reality technology but the perfect addition to any and every tech-savvy futurist’s morning. This Tall-new interactive experience brought out by the AstroReality app will blow people's mind.”

-Joanne Dai, Co-founder of AstoReality

The NASA Space Mug gives you a simulated spacecraft experience with AR. With the NASA Space Mug, you will want to start every morning by transporting yourself and gazing into a breathtaking view from 120km above the Earth with curated views from NASA and USGS.

The Amazon Rainforest, the Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland. The Himalayas, The Grand Canyon in the United States… All of the stunning natural scenery with more than 200 countries and regions and 10,000 cities, all gracefully on display in front of your eyes.

Available at NASA Ames

Further your learning after your visit to NASA Ames Research Center. We are excited to invite you to experience our AR-enhanced products in person at the global center of space exploration - the heart of the technology world in Silicon Valley.

In Summary

The NASA series is about inspiring our future from recognizing and remember our past. The NASA Notebook will help you experience our solar system in a new and interactive way, learn about the history of NASA, and take notes on the beautiful pages. The NASA AR Space Mug is a beautifully designed mug with an interactive view from the ISS, giving you a new perspective of our world. Together these two products give you the experience and history of space in your hands.

About AstroReality

We are a team of astronomy enthusiasts, designers, and tech geeks, who are committed to innovation and use technology and creativity to shape the way people interact with science. AstroReality is our global consumer brand with an interactive experience in space exploration.


AstroReality is proud to announce the unveiling of the NASA series - NASA AR Notebook and NASA AR Space Mug


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