Our Story, The Journey of AstroReality

The Universe in Your Hands

AstroReality is an award-winning brand that innovates by merging physical products with augmented reality. Creating immersive, tactile methods to explore science, space, and life, AstroReality brings space experiences to life in the palm of your hand.

Where You Can Find AstroReality
  • NASA Ames Shop
    NASA Logo NASA Ames Shop

    AstroReality is proud to land at NASA gift shop. We are excited to invite you to experience our AR-enhanced products in person at the global center of space exploration - the heart of the technology world in Silicon Valley.

  • b8ta Store
    b8ta Logo b8ta Store

    AstroReality has partnered with the b8ta store in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Austin and Seattle. We will also continue to have our products available at more b8ta store locations nationwide.

  • Lunar and Pianetry
    LPI Logo Lunar and Planetary

    LUNAR Pro is used within LPI's education department. It was featured in the "News and Noteworthy" section of their weekly newsletter. LUNAR Pro is also used Center for Lunar Science and Exploration virtual institute.

  • Jet PropulsionLaboratory
    JPL Logo Jet Propulsion

    Our products are on display and sold at JPL's museum and store, as well as is used for assisting scientists and engineers do scientific research and prepare for future missions.

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The Story of AstroReality

Founded in January of 2017, AstroReality was created to transform education through the use of emerging technologies. We believe that education is the perfect place to integrate technology and tactile learning experiences to provide students with a unique perspective and interaction. It also allows them to benefit from the vast collections of data, maps and information that is at their fingertips. Our augmented reality enabled planetary models were just the first taste of how we will make science and education come alive in your hands.

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