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The night beckons your dreams and brings your invigorating thoughts to life. Let the moon be your guide, let the smooth and sweet energy of your freshly brewed espresso reignite your evening, and let your creativity flow.

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The Moon Phase
of Tonight in AR

Scan the bottom of the mug, and experience the many moon phases paired with quotes by fellow moon lovers throughout history. Enjoy the moon phase calendar in our Augmented Reality app, along with the unique incredible quote to help you reach your creative heights.

A Sip of Inspiration

There is a moment that occurs after the sun goes down and the moonlight fills a room. It’s crunch time, time to burn the midnight oil and get down to work. Let the Moon Mug fill you with the energy to continue, power through and create.

Moon Mug Dimension
Capacity: 6.1oz (180ml)
Height: 4.33in (110mm)
Diameter (including the cap): 3.15in (80mm)
Weight: 10.6oz (300g)

Match Your Mood with
the Moon Phase

The best moments and the flashes of creativity come from being inspired by the people in your life. Let the moon phase and the quote in the Moon Mug inspire you, your friends and your family on social media.

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