Night Light

A moon of your room, and a light to guide your dreams of a not so distant future.

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Beautiful at any time of the day, the Nightlight’s modern aesthetic appeal brings a flavor of space and curiosity to any room that it is in no matter the time or how much light.

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nightlight-moon-frame device
with AR

The moon beacons for your focus. your fascination and your curiosities. Dive into a new world of discovery with a deeply informational Augmented Reality experience, with the mysterious moonlight wall decor in your room.

Moon LED Wall Decor

(L) 9.5 inches × (W) 9.5 inches × (H) 1.5 inches
Click here to see how NIGHTLIGHTS works in the darkroom
(Battery not included)

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Dream with
Your Moon

The moon has a unique effect on us, its presence in the sky invites us to embark upon a dream state, while simultaneously evoking a deep curiosity about the origins of the giant sphere in the sky.

Dream with
Your Moon

Let the NIGHTLIGHT be the comfort and inspiration for any room it is in, and let the Augmented Reality excite your passions for the future.