Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
Space Mission AR Notebook
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Celebrate The Grand Adventure

Apollo 11 Mission forever changed our place in the cosmos. No longer were we bound only to our Earth. Now you can relive that excitement and plan your own adventure with the Apollo 11 AR Notebook.

“The most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked."

- President John F. Kennedy

Our Solar System
In Your Pocket

The 192-page light paper notebook has the perfect size to fit in your pocket and be ready for when your imagination takes flight.

Adventure Awaits
Among the Stars

Venturing through space has been dream ever since first looked up with wonder at the stars. Embark on your adventure with our Augmented Reality app.

Real Time Positioning Real-Time Positioning Planetary View In-depth Information
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Enhanced tracking of the real-time positioning of the solar system planets.

Look across the entire solar system with a whole new planetary view of each planet and Pluto.

Immersive and detailed content to look at our solar system from a new perspective.

No Detail is Too Small

The Space Mission AR Notebook is the smallest and most convenient augmented Reality enhanced notebook we have ever created.

  • 5.9 inches × 3.9 inches × 0.98 inches
  • 100g/m² blank light paper, 192 blank pages
  • 3mm/0.12in thick cardboard hardcover
  • Round book corner design
  • Premium binding and fabric spine
The Magnificent
Celestial Symphony

The stylish design harkens back to the golden age of film and science fiction that Apollo made real. The cover illustration brings you the Saturn V rocket carrying Apollo 11 as it breaks through the clouds, taking humans away from the earth, and on to the journey to the moon.

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Feedback from our Customers
Amazon Customer September 3, 2019
My kid likes it.
“I bought it for my son and he really likes it. AR function works well and encourages his curiosity for space.”