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Solar System
Ultimate Set

Touch the untouched worlds
of the cosmos

Explore precise 3D models of our solar system that have yet to be explored and touched by humankind. Each model of Solar System Ultimate, was created using NASA data. Then dive deeper into the mysteries of the planets and learn more about the cosmos with our Augmented Reality App.

A new approach
for learning

In our ever more digitalized world we find that integrating a hands-on approach to learning width an augmented reality experience is the most modern and effective way of deeply understanding something.

Our galaxy with
a new perspective

Experiencing space from a new perspective is just the surface of Solar System Ultimate. We created a unique Augmented Reality experience that not only teaches you about our solar system, it opens your eyes to an understanding of the future that opportunities that lie ahead.

mercury mercury
Eenus venus
Earth earth
Lunar lunar
Mars mars
Jupiter jupiter
IO io
Europa europa
Ganymede ganymede
Callisto callisto
Saturn saturn
Enceladus enceladus
Titan titan
Uranus uranus
Neptune neptune
Triton triton
Pluto pluto
Charon charon
The entire Solar System
in your hands

Solar System Ultimate incorporates 18 different models of planets and moons, all of which you can experience through our Augmented Reality app.

Solar System Ultimate Set
Expand your horizon

Just as Heliocentrism empowered and encouraged modern thinkers to look at their universe with a new perspective, we created Solar System Ultimate to inspire you to pursue knowledge of our neighboring worlds.

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