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  • The Excellence of AR Experience

    Sharing an AstroReality Experience is like giving the gift of traveling to a new planet. You get to touch the surface and learn more about space as well as interact with the object using new technology, enabling you the ability to connect with the planet in an entirely new way.

    The Opportunity of AR Experiences

    The Augmented Age is here. The limitless power of the internet combined with the rapid development of technology directly integrate with the world around us. With our technology not only do we utilize the state of the art tech, but can offer real-time content.

    The Opportunity of AR Experiences

    We started with space exploration and education because of our pure passion for learning and sharing the beauty of the universe. But our technology is not limited, to one shape, to one area, or even one idea.

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  • Product Customization

    Personalized versions of our products help you introduce people to the new realm of augmented reality and technology experiences. We offer our partners distinguished product customization that integrates our industry-leading precise models, augmented reality technology and 3D printing technology.

    • Option I - Globe Customization

      Your curiosity and creativity are never limited. Your passion for having unique experiences is fueled with a desire to be different.

      We are happy to make completely custom versions planetary globe products, such as super-sized versions of planets, or to-scale versions of the solar system. Our high accuracy and resolution products bring direct experience for occasions such as science class and scientific research.

    • Option II - Augmented Reality Customization

      Augmented Reality is an information overlay of our world. It differs from Virtual Reality in which involves you entering an entirely digital world.
      AstroReality’s Interactive Reality technology overlays amplified information on your expected object, enabling you to directly control the experience through your digital device in occasions such as product demonstration.

    • Option III - 3D Printing Customization

      AstroReality offers full-service manufacturing ranging from highest quality 3D printing to injection molding with polyresin. This way we can manage and perfect every stage of the product to give you and your customers a new kind of experiences.

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    Corporate Gifts

    Giving a beautiful physical model is a great way to feel and interact. Commemorate milestones with customized corporate gifts from AstroReality.

    • Our Product, Your Gifts

      AstroReality’s product experiences are both digital and physical, which makes them great gifts that deeply inspire people with the determination of courage, curiosity, and opportunities.

    • Your Product, Our Augmented Reality

      We offer technologies that overlay your expected information to your product, which is a brand new way to illustrate and communicate the abilities of your product, as well as highlight prioritized messaging in a creative and unique manner.

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