Our Gift for Mother Earth

Our Gift for Mother Earth

Life on our planet should be cherished as a unique gem among the universe, and extra efforts need to be made to help preserve and coexist along with the environment that is all around us.

Pledge For Our Planet

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our collective efforts to take action and improve.
We at AstroReality take pride in that we can contribute to the awareness and the spread of fact-checked and peer-reviewed information of the current state of our planet.

From today, AstroReality will donate $15 for every item sold for crucial gear to healthcare workers to combat the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.
Join us in improving our environment and, ultimately, our world.

Earth Moments

Whereas the unstoppable changes are occurring around our planet,
there are people standing out to contribute all their efforts to do good for the Earth.

air pollution air pollution

“Less Air Pollution = A Better World”

As cities and, in some cases, entire nations weather the pandemic under lockdown, Earth-observing satellites have detected a significant decrease in the concentration of a common air pollutant, nitrogen dioxide, which enters the atmosphere through emissions from cars, trucks, buses, and power plants." -The WHO, For specific countries, this change in pace has had drastic results. For instance, the worlds dramatic shift in Air pollution of which typically severely damages human health a has now mostly faded away and plants and vibrant new growth of plant life and wild life can be seen coming back.

earth rise earth rise

“Earth Rise”

Sometimes it just takes a single image to create and translate a radical new idea to which changes the course of history. “EarthRise” by Bill Anders did just that with his photograph from the Apollo spacecraft on Christmas Eve in 1968. After the existence of such a photo helped many theories and ideas echo in the validation. James Lovelock, a biochemist for NASA, developed a theory about the Earth that said that our world is a single, self-regulating superorganism. Lovelock believed that Earth had stood up against all the odds against it in the face of destruction or existence in the same way of the probability of “surviving unscathed after driving blindfolded through rush-hour traffic.” So just as our planet has beaten the odds, so will we. Let’s continue to make and respect our home as a beautiful blue gem in space that it is.

Join us today and give a great gift to our frontline workers on Earth Day.