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Enjoy the spectacular
wonders of earth
EARTH bundle includes:
  • First-ever AR enabled globe and notebook
  • Lets you see our planet’s changes across history
  • Pair with EARTH App for a deeply immersive learning experience

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Earth Bundle

Augmented Reality

To explore, just open the app and point your camera at your
3D-printed model for a deeply immersive experience.
immersive experience. Learn more >

  • Explore our planet throughout time and space
  • See changes throughout history
  • Experience the geomorphological wonder of Earth
  • Learn about migrational movements of animals
  • Study about current climate patterns, and more
Earth model

Explore EARTH with
Augmented Reality

  • Experience Earth from high-level global views to the local terrains.
  • Included a selection of the most beautiful landscapes
  • Awaken the goddess Gaea, ancient Greek mythology

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