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Winter is Here

North America, Greenland, Russia, covered in snow, painted with the colors of frost.
Oceans and springs of vibrant blue, the Winter EARTH: Holiday Edition has a unique aesthetic and is a
perfect Christmas present and a great holiday gift. Specs >

North America
Earth holiday edition

AR & AI Integration
Elevated Reality

Augmented Reality and Speech Recognition
brings vital information into the physical and
digital realm, giving life to the Winter EARTH: Holiday
Edition in an entirely new and unique way of
experiencing and learning about the planet
we call home. Specs >

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Earth Holiday Edition

Holiday Edition Gift Box

The colors of the holiday season reflect on the joys of seasons past. Specs >

Only available with EARTH
Holiday Edition

Intricately Detailed

Utilizing a combination of polyresin, 3D-printing, and meticulously hand-painted details bring Winter EARTH:
Holiday Edition to life with stunning beauty. Specs >

Printing level height down
to 0.05 millimeters

Up to 0.006 millimeters
per pixel precision
printing accuracy

Printing error precision
of 0.025 millimeters

98%+ modeling accuracy
achieved through unique
PU Resin

Pristine Craftsmanship

Winter EARTH: Holiday Edition is made with eco-friendly
paint and a sustainable production process.
We use the finest and latest 3D printing technology,
with a precision of 0.025 millimeters and a printing
resolution of 4000 DPI. Each unit is finished with an
expertly, hand-painted layer to highlight the unique
winter topography.

Specs >

An Adventure around the World

Visit the past, present, and future of Earth, and watch how the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
changes with time, with AstroReality's EARTH App.
Experience the Earth’s changes over 10,000 years. Watch migrational movements of animals,
current climate patterns, and much more.

In this feature, users can choose between the “Featured Animal” and “Mammals” modes while browsing for animal data. The “Featured Animal” mode will include rare and uncommon animals selected by our editors periodically. In “Mammals,” users can explore mammals of their own interests. Both modes include species distribution and timelines.

Similar to the Animal section, the EARTH app offers both “Featured Plant” and “Common Plants” modes for users to browse. We will show the users the distribution, appearance, and characteristics of the selected plants.

In this section, we will include earth structure and earthquake records and how earthquake can assist geological research. For example, we will show the depth of subducting plates and their relation to island arc volcanoes and earthquakes. and on top of that, the EARTH app will show how we use earthquakes to know all of that.

Mico-particulate refers to particulates with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns in ambient air. It can be suspended in the air for a longer period of time. The higher its concentration in the air, the more severe the air pollution is. Mico-particles have an important influence on air quality and visibility, and are closely related to human health.

This section will be focusing on population and human migration, mainly concrete on the history of migration from Africa to the rest of the world. Space and rockets are also included in EARTH app, such as rocket launch bases and rocket launches, satellite coverage.

The cloud maps we see are from specialized meteorological satellites. These satellite cloud maps can be divided into visible light satellite cloud maps, and infrared weather cloud maps. The cloud itself is an integral part of the appearance of the earth and is our basic module. In addition, the cloud map can also help users have a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the weather system, including helping users analyze and predict the weather.

Why the Holiday Edition

These still and joyful moments with family
and friends together remind us that we all
can enjoy peace on earth and a happy
holiday season. We wanted to capture this
beautiful moment in time as a unique
christmas gift. Winter EARTH: Holiday Edition was
made to commemorate and to celebrate
the most wonderful time of the year.
Specs >

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