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The Ultimate Pro Planetary Model Collection

The Pro Collection
The Past. The Present. The Future.
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Mars has called to us from the night sky for generations and has been the destination of choice for writers, artists, and dreamers of all kinds. The mystery of Mars has always fascinated us. Our spacecraft have explored its surface for decades take us one step closer every day toward the first human footprints on Mars.


We are passionate about our planet - it’s the only home we have. Educating ourselves and future generations about our planet are vital to ensuring a prosperous future and a beautiful world. Our unique and interactive 3D-printed globe EARTH is designed with STEM education in mind. As a pioneering educational toy, EARTH accurately portrays the irreversible changes that are vastly important for us - from global warming and glacial recession to the effects and extinction of its animals and wildlife. Arm yourself with the knowledge to help preserve our planet.


The Lunar Moon has captivated the human imagination throughout history. Though it is ever-present, there is so little we know.
We wanted to bring the Moon closer, to bring all of our stargazing dreams into reality.
Our mission is to inspire as many space lovers as we can, helping to awaken and educate a new generation of astronomy enthusiasts through the power of technology.

The Pro Collection

The primary goal when developing each Pro model has been to create the ultimate hands-on experience. Empowering users by engaging multiple sensory inputs vital for a complete experience - tactile, visual, and audio.

Available now. Ship in 3-5 business days.
Approved return in 30 days.
Feedback from our Customers
C.Lee September 17, 2019
An elegant design piece and fantastic educational tool, all-in-one.
“If you don't feel like waiting on SpaceX to get to Mars, get your hands on this amazing 3D printed model of Mars! First, the design and craftsmanship of this piece is astounding. It comes with a really nice glass display cube, to prop it up as the perfect conversation piece—the colors are incredible and it has a really nice weight to it.

The augmented reality app takes the experience to a whole new level -- the terrain of Mars is extraordinary! Ever since I got this, so many guests ask me about it and it's a really fun time showing them the app and then discussing whether or not we would live on Mars. It makes a great gift, too.”
Meiling June 2, 2019
Gorgeous EARTH product!
“Great product! It's got a weight to it which is beautifully painted and such a refreshing product to display as a reminder for us to take care of our Mother Earth because it's the only one we have!

The packaging it comes in is minimal and sleek which is great as we continue to care for Earth.

It is an awesome educational tool for the individual or classroom. I especially think it would be a great product to continue to bring awareness to global warming and how the increasing C02 emissions levels are severely damaging our home planet.

I will be displaying this beauty on my desk at work! Excited to explore their other products which all seem pretty amazing and educational! Beautiful products!”
Joseph S. Hamersma June 9, 2019
So much I didn’t know about the moon! 2nd purchase
“Lots of fun discovering the history and features of the moon with this superb quality moon model. The moon feels solid and heavy in hand like it’s made from stone, and it looks nice as a decoration piece. The interactive software takes a minute to get the hang of but browsing about with the full feature set is quite an interesting and educational educational experience. In looking forward to discovering more about the moon and perhaps picking up one of their other planetary models.

Update: liked the way it looked in my apt so much I bought another for my Father! Enjoy holding it and just looking at the features of the moon. It feels like a solid piece of stone with a surprising weight to it.”
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