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An Icon for a Defining Moment
in Human History
On July 16th 1976, after years of preparation and determination, NASA decided to dance beyond the edge of our atmosphere and deny the impossible and achieve greatness. This task was undertaken not because it was easy, but because it was hard, as stated by President John F. Kennedy.
200mm of Planetary Perfection
The 200mm LUNAR Max is the largest moon model AstroReality has ever created. With this larger canvas, we have been able to provide more details and texture of the surface than ever before, truly making it the ultimate moon model. With a scale of 1:17,371,259, the LUNAR Max is the closest and best way to touch the surface of the Moon, no Lander required.
The Future Awaits
Our moon is beyond just a symbol. It is humanities stepping stone out into the opportunities of space and the adventure that awaits for us all. It is a destination of wonder, mystery, and progress. Let the LUNAR Max model be your inspiration for achieving the impossible and reaching beyond our atmosphere.
Apollo mission capsule
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