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Augmented Reality

Using data and information gathered from NASA, we are breaking down the barriers between the physical world and the digital one with this 1:160,000,000 scale 3D printed model. Watch and experience the world changing before your eyes with Augmented Reality enabled EARTH Regular.

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The AstroReality EARTH is to inform and be the perfect educational tool for all curriculums. Highlighting locations, Humanity, Life, Nature, Land, Sky and Ocean occurrence on earth in an interactive and immersive way to best inform and delight everyone.


The major cities on Earth. Travel around the world by taking a look at the major cities from the GaWC World Cities Research Network.

Our Earth now displays the clear imprint of humanity. The Oceans, Atmosphere, and Landscapes have all been marked by the activities of people. Here we collect the planetary scale datasets that show how humans have populated, transformed and connect the globe.

The most unique aspect of our planet is the ubiquity of life across the Earth. The plants and animals that create the biopersity and ecosystems that we depend on. Here we visualize the distribution of a growing collection of life on Earth.

Nature encompasses the interaction of the living and planetary spheres. Here explore how geography, climate, and weather drive the migration of animals and the distribution of ecosystems.

Our living planet is driven by the geological activity that stirs under our feet. Here we explore how the rocks and heat of our planet drive the volcanoes, mountains, and rivers that create our landscapes and the resources that support all life on Earth.

Our atmosphere provides thin but essential protection from the void of space and is the setting of most of our experience on Earth. Here we explore the clouds, gases, storms, and phenomena that keep life on Earth possible and exciting.

Oceans dominate the surface of our planet and are intimately linked to life on land and in the sky. Here we explore the role of the oceans and their depths on our planet and our experience on it.

Immersive AR Learning for 4C.

Communication. Collaboration. Critical Thinking. Creativity
Making learning an immersive experience to empower students and learn through engaging and powerful content.

Intricate Details

We use polyresin density, 3D-printing, and precise paint pigment ratios to bring surface details of our EARTH oceans, mountains, and lands to life.

earth regular earth regular earth regular earth regular earth 3D printed model
earth regular
earth regular
earth regular
earth regular

Printing level height down to 0.05 millimeters

Up to 0.006 millimeters per pixel precision printing accuracy

Printing error precision of 0.025 millimeters

98%+ modeling accuracy achieved through unique PU Resin

The Vitality of Touch

EARTH Regular, is the most accurate model of our planet, designed to be the best visual learning and educational tool available. With tactile feedback, visual immersion through AR, and spatial recognition of size and distance, EARTH Regular creates one of a kind learning experience, engaging as many human senses as possible at once. Specs>

EARTH Regular

We are constantly building, which is why we are always open to work and help display the information accordingly. We welcome feedback for what you want to show and highlight in the world.

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