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A Sip of Space to Start Your Day
AstroReality Space Mug
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Specs: 70mm x 120mm

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Looking at Planet Earth from an Astronaut's View

We want to create a physical artifact that allows you to get in touch with space in daily life. Scan AstroReality Space Mug through our AstroReality Explorer application, and look at the Earth from the spaceship cabin. Enjoy your space travel without leaving the Earth. Specs >

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AstroReality Space Mug AstroReality Space Mug

Quality and Accuracy

AstroReality Space Mug is the first AR-enabled mug that has a world map of 500 million square kilometers landscape of the Earth. The data comes from NASA and USGS high-definition satellite photos, covering the entire surface of the Earth.

AstroReality Space Mug Satellite View Singapore

Real Satellite View VS AstroReality Space Mug AR Image

AstroReality Space Mug Satellite View Dubai

Real Satellite View VS AstroReality Space Mug AR Image

Design Iterations

We believe that the future spaceship may represent the "possibility" itself. It is mysterious and there is no single ready-made element to define. So we want to be as abstract as possible and give the user more imagination. Specs >

Sip and See

As the morning sun looms over the horizon, you can embrace the warmth of the dawn unfolding in front of you. Take a sip at your unique coffee mug, watch the Earth slowly turning in space and quietly visit every corner of the world. When people look up at the starry night, you are looking at the blue planet. Specs >

Elegance and Beauty

The way you look at the world, the way you experience it, the way you celebrate the environment of life, all factors together in design. The AstroReality Space Mug is a cumulation of design, experience, and the future. Specs >

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