About AstroReality

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We are an award-winning innovative brand that creates physical products and brings them to life with augmented reality. We’ve created a whole new way to explore, learn and experience science, space, and life on earth. In the past, those experiences were only reserved for astronauts and astronomers. But now, we bring them to life in the palm of your hand. Through our innovative and interactive technologies, you can explore these worlds and dream again with us.

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How We Innovate
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is defined as an informational overlay on objects with your world. AstroReality’s technology goes beyond this and gives users the ability to control digital experiences with an object. Rotate the model with your hand and the AstroReality AR experience will follow.

Science Integration

Science is about discovery and demystifying our known universe. We work directly with NASA scientists and astronomers to have the most current information, data, and facts directly from their source, and present it in a way that is palpable and easy to comprehend for any age.

High Precision Craftsmanship

Quality is our highest priority. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that, with every product, the minute details and textures are created with the highest level of precision utilizing the latest and finest 3D printing technology.

Hand-finished Details

No detail is too small. Each product is using the state of the art manufacturing processes to bring the lush details to life, perfected by hand before it is finished with a safe, protective coating.


Our mission is to inspire as many people as we can with the pursuit of endless discovery, helping to awaken and educate a new generation through the power of technology.