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AR Notebooks

An Expansive AR Experience

Get inspired by our state of the art augmented reality experiences of cosmos.
Watch as the images in the covers transform and teleport you to the planets in our Solar system.
Here you can learn about and explore the universe in an entirely new way.


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Artfully Crafted
Augmented Reality Experiences

Tactile, hands-on experiences with a real object will always invoke and create a uniquely personal result.
However when you combine a digital experience with a tactile one you create something entirely new.
Let your ideas run wild among the stars with the Cosmic Collection.


Use the AR (Augmented Reality) to wake up Ares, the Greek god of war, and Experience Mars from a close angle, and look across the planet's surface. Visit Mount Olympus, or Valles Marineris. Watch the rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity, as they rove across the planet.


Explore the surface of the moon in a 3D space and look across it like you are there. Learn about the many different craters of asteroid impacts. And the locations of the moon walks that have taken place.


Gaze into the giant red dot of Jupiter, and watch as the planet comes to life and flows to form the largest planet in our Solar system Jupiter. Here you can learn about and explore Jupiter and four of its moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, in an entirely new way.


Look across some of the earth's most striking landmarks such as mt. Saint Helens, the Grand Canyon, and the Heiterwanger Sea. The 3D renderings give a new sense of depth and immersion to these beautiful natural.

Embrace the mythical powers
of the cosmos

Walk with the moon goddess Diana into her moonlight forest, embrace Gaea the primal earth goddess.
Prepare yourself for Mars, and bear witness to the size of Zeus.

  • Lunar

    Wake the moon goddess Diana.
    Let her take you into the flowing moonlight forest.

  • Lunar

    MARS is there, waiting to be reached.

  • Lunar

    For Millennia, JUPITER was but a wandering star,
    for Galileo, a revelation.

  • Lunar

    Gaea is the primal Earth goddess,
    ancestral mother to us all.

Materials Used

As with all of our products, we make sure that craftsmanship and quality come first.
We only use environmentally friendly materials, like acid-free sustainable forest paper.


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